A visit to the Monks

The Benedictine Abbey is the oldest abbey in Poland. If you are in Krakow, you must visit this place! The Benedictine monks are very welcoming, so after the journey you can count on a delicious cuisine in the Benedictine restaurant. The visit in Tynice will be more intersting, if you come with us, becouse we invite you to the Boat Cruise!

Jan Długosz, a famous polish chronicler wrote that the Benedictine Abbey was established by Prince Kazimierz Odnowiciel in 1044.  The first Benedictine monks arrived here in the middle of the 11th century. Now the Abbey is famous not only from a historic architecture, but also from kitchen, benedictine products and cultural events, especially music concerts!

During our boat cruise you will see the Norbertine nunnery, St. Margarets's Church, the Modernist Palace in Przegorzały and Srebrna Góra with the Camaldolese Abbey at Bielany. During the 60 minute sightseeing tour in the Benedictine Abbey, you will visit the Old Monastery, where you can become acquainted with the life of monks and their habits, taste the specialites of the monastery kitchen and purchase products made at the Abbey.


Boat Cruise to the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 1.IV to 31 X. We start from harbour at the bend of the Vistula River, at. Zwierzyniecka- Jubilat Street. Price: 60 PLN/ 35 PLN.

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