Erasmus students about Poland

The new academic year just started. New country, new people, new experiences... Let we see, what Erasmus students are thinkig about Poland and Krakow!


Four Erasmus students told us about their first experiences and perceived differences in relation to their own country. They responded to two questions:

  1. What do you think about Krakow?

  2. Is it something different/strange for you compared to your country?

Let's see, what they are thinking about Krakow. Do you agree with them?


Dustin from Germany:

Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities I´ve ever been to! Its magic caught me from the moment I stepped out the bus which brought me here. Krakow for me means being alive, rushing through every part of you body by walking through the city. The mixture of history and modernity makes you almost feel the city´s heartbeat. I experienced many different nations living together and sharing their cultural input. Furthermore, Krakow shows up a great amout of culture itself as for example theatres, cinemas, concerts or just the man playing the trompet from St. mary´s cathedral.
Concerning the question whether there is something different or even strange in Krakow compared to my country I have to say " yes, indeed!" When I arrived here people told me that man has to put one foot on the street to show you want to cross the street. By trying to follow this advice I found myself in danger of getting hit by a car from time to time. This kind of let´s call it traffic behaviour wouldn´t be possible in my country. There are also other trades of daily life which still surprise me. You are not allowed to drink in the streets and therefore I see many people hiding alcohol under their jackets and having a short zip while going from one tramstop to another. Another thing would be that many people don´t speak english or at least very very bad, so it can be hard for foreigners to make their way through daily life affairs without speaking good polish. And the last but for me most striking point was the medical care system and the equipement of pharmacies.Maybe it is just my personal experience, but I found myself being pushed from one doctor to another because they didn´t feel responsible for me and when I finally got examined and was handed out a prescription pharmacies didn´t have it and took them a long time to get it.


Emiliano from Italy:

Krakow is a nice city You can see monuments and history but, at the same time, you can have fun during day and night. Different is that every young people can have a work- easy work but a work. In italy is the it's diffcult to be indipendentmany people live with family until 30 years old...

Elisabeth from Norway

My first weeks in Krakow have been great! First of all the city is beatiful, both in looks and atmosphear. And second of all there is so much history and culture here. I've met people and got friends from all over the world, just in a couple of weeks! What hit me the most after this short time is how Krakow always is so alive! Things happen all the time, there's people everywhere, there's music, laughter and noise day and night. It's like this city never stops breathing, and I love it!


Maike from Germany

Krakow is really nice with clubs, bars and restaurants. I really like the Old Town and Kazimierz. There is a lot of top expiriences with different cultural branches. Also the polish people are very nice and friendly, I think. The only thing that I found varied is that, it's seems unpossible to pay for oneseld ina bar. You have to pay all together. Paying seperately is often not accepted. Sometimes I don´t get the exact change back when I pay my things in a shop.

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